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What We Are

Adults Without Parents is a resource for adults who are estranged from their parents. It is a safe place for those of us who deal with parental estrangement and wish to navigate life without parents as smoothly as we can.

Living a life without parents is not unheard of, but it is certainly not the norm. Although there are many reasons why a person may not have parents, estrangement is usually perceived as a taboo. Due to its general stigma, being open about experiencing estrangement can feel risky. Unfortunately, many of us feel the need to hide our familial situation in certain social situations because we feel we’ll be misunderstood. This just adds to the feeling of aloneness.

Our goal is to help adults who are estranged from their parents feel less alone. Adults Without Parents provides articles, musings, and commentary regarding the unique complexities of life as an adult without any parents.

We aim to encourage healing and moving forward with our lives. If you’ve already made the difficult choice to become estranged from your parents, I want to help you feel less alone and more prepared for life as an adult without parents.

Note: We use the word parent as an all-encompassing word for whoever raised you.


Despite being an unfortunately common situation, there is a lack of helpful content for adults who are estranged from their parents. 

Interestingly, there are many articles written for parents who are estranged from their adult children. These resources are not intended for the adult children, but they beg the question: Why isn’t there a similar amount of material for the children in these estranged families? Us adult children exist as well, and we also need to grieve and move forward.

How It Began

This site began in 2023 out of the desire to connect with other adults dealing with estrangement from their parents. When I couldn’t find the type of resource I was looking for, I decided to create one myself. Having been estranged from my parents for over ten years, I quickly became hopeful that even one person somewhere out in the world might read my thoughts and feel less alone. I am also motivated to provide the advice that I wish I had received when I was newly estranged from my family.

We Are Not

We can not tell you whether or not estrangement from your parents is the right choice for you. We do not “promote” estrangement, but we understand it is often a necessary choice to maintain a person’s health and wellbeing. We do not focus on everything that might have gone wrong during the parent-child relationship; instead, we focus on moving forward and navigating the world without parents.


Adults Without Parents is created and written by Kate (not my real name). I am using a pen name because I have been estranged from my parents for over ten years and I still fear for my safety from them. I welcome readers of all backgrounds, though I acknowledge that my views are likely filtered through my own background: I am a middle-aged, straight, white, cisgender woman, wife, and mother who lives in the United States.